Poemat Olchowe Łąki w tłum. na ang.Interpreted by Miet, from original by Daria Galant

Alder’s meadow

Clouds moved over the forest
Darkened by stormy weather
Engulfed by birds uneasy noise
For a moment

Walk into this abyss of nature
walk even further
Still earthly like a human
But of all of a sudden
you got uplifted
by sunny spell of clouds
or monnlight
loosing sight
of flattened by wind alder’s

Away from words
judgmental arrows
Away from thoughts
toxic like senses

Uplifted to
no more stars or horizons
where only mute voices

Somewhere far
beyond the border

Interpreted by Miet,
from original by Daria Galant

10 listopada 2016 12:54

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